Physiotherapist Billing

Our Billing company focus solely on Physiotherapist billing needs. From data capturing, invoices to final payments. You treat, we bill.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you have experienced all the horrible stories of billing companies. This is why we set up a billing company that is designed for physios, because those systems don’t understand our business. 80% of clients report one of two reasons why they are looking for an alternative billing company.

  • The billing company they are currently using are a medical billing company that doesn’t exclusively cater for physiotherapist.
  • The billing company doesn’t understand their business.

This is the reason why we find so many physiotherapist seeking out physiotherapy billing companies that are designed by physiotherapist. A company that has the knowledge & experience of dealing with physiotherapist businesses exclusively.

Our billing company is a billing company designed by physiotherapist FOR physiotherapist, because we understand what is needed and expected in the dealing with managing patients accounts of physiotherapist.

Billing for a GP is much easier that billing for physiotherapist. We dedicate out time to

We offer complete cloud based Physiotherapist Billing Service.  Backups, Mobile and easy accessible, the save options.

Some of the benefits include:
    • Stabilized Cash-flow 
    • Decreased cost overheads 
    • More time for your patients 
    • Professional billing assistance

Exclusive for Physiotherapist

We understand how important your patients health and well being is for you . For us at Physio Billing it is our priority to ensure you as a Professional Physiotherapist can spend more time with your patients.


As an expert physiotherapist you myust realize your skills are treating patients, not Business metrics, Marketing or Credit control.

If you’ve experienced the feeling when you know its month end, and your bills are due, Salaries must be paid, but when you check the bank account, you realize you’re gonna bleed money this month. So, you work harder, put in the hour, tell your staff to step up. Frantically trying to turn the table. Your failure to control aspects of the business that you doesn’t understand will leave you in a downward spiral.

Credit Control

Biller not sending our statements, and invoices, mailing lists.

You must understand the billing process.

The fact that you don’t know doesn’t mean that you should do it. But you must understand the process to optimize it. Know what to look for, know whats you can expect from your billing company.

Understand that you don’t know

A bad understanding of business will, You will always be the effect of that which you don’t understand. The last think you want to be is the effect of something. You must be the CAUSE of change, driving your business into a direction that you want it to be. You are only going to be as successful as the actions that you take, and the actions that you take are based on what you know (the thoughts you have shaped by your knowledge). Thoughts drive actions.

The reason why you are failing at billing or credit control is because you don’t understand how it works, what it entails, and whats o be expected, what are the key performance indicator that you must keep your eye on.

Its your responsibility to as owner of a business, you must understand all the aspects of your business. You must be able to inspect whats going on using reports, stats.

Startup without support

A startup of a new practice is daunting. We have helped numerous practices startup, and in none of those there were was there the discussion to do it without the support of a billing company.

In a third world country like South Africa we look to the rest of the world and feel that we are isolated & alone. We try to fend for yourself by trying to be a Doctor of Physiotherapy, Bachelors in Commercial Science, Master degree in Administration and a Bachelors in finance. Who has time for all of that? Being a jack of all traits makes you the expert of many, master of none.

We want to reassure you that this is not the case.

Our billing company understands what needs to be done & whats expected. Even if you don’t know, we can guide you to understand the metrics and solutions that a successful business requires.

Its better for me to find an expert in this area

Most of the current physiotherapy practices in South Africa are expert physiotherapist that just happen to end up opening their own practice. There comes a time when physios realize that “Its better for me to find an expert in this area”, and outsource billing to them, so that they can take control over it and report back to me.

Our Clients are Partners

We are services providers, but we consider ourselves just as important in your business that we’re business partners. A Partner that you can rely on. In our meeting we review and discuss your success and future goals. We give you an objective view on your practice, like an overly critical parent, then we discuss solutions how remedy it.

Our insights & analysis points out your weaknesses and areas to work on. Its sometimes difficult to hear the hard truth, but the first step to solving a problem is identifying it.

You cannot manage what you don’t understand

You don’t have to understand the coding, programming all by yourself, but what you must understand is how to police it, check it. There are key metrics in a practice that you must follow like a hawk.

There are various statistics and metrics that we keep our eyes on to ensure we’re on track. Our meeting we will agree on a few of these goals and targets that must be reached.

4 Metrics to monitor

Electronic claim submissions and using software that monitors these key metrics are a necessity for sustained success in a private physiotherapy practice.

90 Days

90 Days Detours must be less than 15% of your total revenue. 20% at least.

Monthly Revenue Rolling

Every time you move one step to the right of you 30, 60, 90, 120 days it must drop by more than 50% in each category.

Collection Calls

A Ratio of …. 100 collection billing calls a week.

Sent accounts at 100%

Patient billing accounts must be sent to medical aids and private patients at 100% every month. 100% of patients must be billed every month. Sounds obvious, but go check how many accounts havn’e been sent out yet.

Use the Best Software

Using one of the top 5 billing software is vital. There’s a reason why they are the best. Its not even about cost, its about what these systems can do! We stay on top of these software developments to compare features and capability of their system. This allows us to track and keep up to date with more & more metrics & implement new functionalities. If we can measure it, we can change it, to ultimately control it.

We keep on track of new developments and updates, so we on the service side can test how to change our actions and use it in your practice to stay ahead. We follow whats new and innovative in software development in order for us to boost your practice, if we understand what technology can do for us.