Our dedicated team of ‘billers’ are here to take the load off your hands. We report back to you regarding patient’s accounts, medical aid claims and much much more. An effective practice management system & software that keeps you informed about your practice’s needs. This is an important component of your practice’s wealth & future growth.

Physiotherapist’s billing requires special skill and understanding how coding structures work in our South African medical industry. We’ll put your mind at ease and guide you through each step to setup and optimize your billing strategy, to manage your practice like a well oiled machine.

Our practice management system empowers you to see what’s happening in your practice. Metrics & functional data must be at the core of running your private practice, so we’ve come up with a dashboard that shows you all the info you need to manage & grow a successful physio business.

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Practice management software

Our practice management software is a online, web based system that you can access from anywhere to get a update on what’s happening. Wouldn’t you want to know how many consultations your practitioners are doing, or how about the average efficiency rate of each physio? These are important KPIs that you – a practice owner must not only know, but understand how to influence each metric to bring on a desired change.

The best practice management software is not going to impact your behavior, it needs a business owner that uses the system to detect problems and pro-actively act. Our practice management software gives you the data & stats you need to guide you towards your goals. Keep your staff members accountable for how they handle your practice’s patients.

Our software is an integration of various google services, combined they are a powerhouse that gives you all the information you need in order to run a successful, sustainable practice. We want to help practice owners make better decisions to become a more successful physiotherapy business owner.

Practice Management
Practice management software

Management System

Business is all about speed & efficiency. Our practice management system that does it all.

When you decide to grow & expand your practice, you need a practice management system that gives you the tools to keep your finger on every pulse. Anticipate problems that’s developing. Set targets for how many treatments your professionals perform each month, monitor how fast patients pay your accounts. Analyzing our practice’s health has never been easier.

There are plenty of metrics & stats to choose from. Managing your practice is about understanding relationships between ratios, metrics and all the financial figures. Merely tracking the total revenue is not enough. Our practice statistics & analysis highlights the areas you – as business owner must attend to before disaster strikes.

Patient Management

Our patient management system that gives you full control to edit, share. Access your patient database from anywhere. All your practice’s patient data is safe & secure behind multi-layer Ford Nox walls of security.

Use your patient information to send our news letters & marketing. Get your font desk staff to help manage your patient care with follow-up calls. Reduce drop-offs from your treatment program & session reminders for your patients. Keep your focus on patient care – not trying to find a file to get a phone number.

Manage your practice’s client base like a champion.

Patient management system
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We want to help practice owners make better decisions to become a more successful physiotherapy business owner.

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