What we offer:

Patient Data Capturing and verification

There are numerous ways in which your patient’s data can be captured, weather you are using a fill in paper form or online login application. We are able to adapt to use our custom system that your practice currently use.

Allow us to show you how new technology can make your patient data capturing more efficient & accurate. In essence our aim is to collect correctly captured data and verify the patient’s information. Bad hand writing, misspelled names and unreadable typography can leave you endlessly searching for patient’s correct data.

We are working on a patient login interface, where patients will record all their details to ensure the data is correct and verified. Our future development includes synchronization with Discovery ID application, where we scan the QR Code of the patient to obtain all the relevant details.

Working in a country riddled with corruption and theft, it is no exception that patient’s may give you a false identity. Therefore most billing solutions provide the option to verify the patient’s identity. Some patients may change medical aids or are no longer on a medical aid, to ensure you are paid this is a MUST HAVE for any outpatient practice.

Online Claim Capturing

Claims for physiotherapy treatment has two components. One where you claim directly form the medical aid, or your patient settles their account straight after your treatment. Each one requires a different modus operandi.

Electronic Claims

All Claims or captured electronically, whether a patient pays via cash, card or medical aid. This ensures that all the data of patients and treatments are logged. A complete financial picture of the practice is essential. Even the split between medical aid and ‘private’ patients give you a better understanding of the economical demographic of your practice’s patients.

Our software is set up to give you real time feedback on most of the big South African Medical Aids. To know more about the specifics on physiotherapist that claim via medial aid, please see our  in dept article how claims are handled.

Manual Claims

Zero statements are sent to patients that settle their account immediate after the session. A patient’s statement may be sent to their medical aid on request. We email all our treatment invoices and statements directly to the patient, however we do not print and post any accounts.

POPI Compliant

Security of your practice and patient’s data is our highest priority, and have dedicated team that ensures it stays safe. Our patient database, claims and patient info are saved in the cloud, even with two-factor verification as an added layer of security.  We are POPI compliant. (Protection of Personal information act)

Reconciliation of Remittances

A Remittance is a statement from each medical aid that states who and how much was paid by the medical aid in a given time. These payments from the medical aids must be checked and allocated to each patient. We double check that these payments add up to what the patient owes your practice, to be sure to follow up on patients where the payment from the medical aids were insufficient to cover your bill.  Our system electronically allocates the medical aid payments to each patient and notify us of any shortfall.

Reconciliation of Bank Statements

EFT & card machine payments are checked and allocated to each patient. Access to your business bank account only as a secondary user are easy to set up with your bank. This allows us to retrieve bank statements as needed without being able to make any transaction on your account. We will reconcile your business bank statement for private and medical payments received. This is whats called account balancing between who already paid and who owes.

Tariff Codes

A Tariff code is the amount that the medical aid pays for that particular treatment code. These amounts vary among medical aids and change regularly. When an incorrect amount is claimed per tariff code, the medical aid will not pay, or result in the medical aid paying out to your patient. The billing program that we use has all the updated tariff codes per medical aid to ensure payment to you.

Billing Policies

You choose your rate, and we bill. Your practice billing policies are set up and billed accordingly. This includes DNA (Did not attend) appointments, which will be billed under your discretion.

Account Queries

Our team handles any account query and prides our-self in responding within 24 hours of any account related query. Your patients are able to contact us directly without you having to deal with it. We follow up on medical aid and private billing queries. 

Payment Collections – Debtors Control

We ensure that medical aids and member portions are collected


We offer reports at any time to ensure total transparency.  This includes an Age analysis, turnover reports and much more. You will be granted access on the system that we use to bill your patients and you’d be able to monitor our workflow. Monthly reports are updated with our experts comments on your practice health and welfare.