Solo Practice

Working all by yourself brings it’s own benefits and challenges to run a lucrative business. Your contact time with patients are directly dependent on your turnover, but ‘admin’ could easily become a nightmare. Time for billing and following up on private liability accounts tend to be at the bottom of your list. No-one to check you up on allocations and payments are a daunting task to keep track of, we know.

Mainly you regularly run into a ‘capacity’ problem, not waving the time to bill, allocate and follow up. When last have you checked your debtors outstanding? What’s the ratio of your age analysis? Do you foresee a cash-flow problem? This is usually the frustration a solo practitioner are confronted with. Your first reaction is to work harder and longer hours to make up for the deficit, in essence – avoiding the problem.

Solo, alone, no-one to help. And waiting on a call for a medical aid rep just ads to the frustration. Not to mention the medial aid rejections due to ‘format’ problems (code is not in line with the description and price) is enough to drive you up the wall.


The biggest challenge you’ll face is not knowing what you don’t know…
Are you doing it right, or is there a better, faster less time consuming way of solving your problem. You need someone to soundboard your ideas & vision and give you perspective with relevant advice that is executable. Someone that understand what you do, where you are, and what you are working towards. You need a mentor that’s lived through what you’re going through right now, to learn from them.

Undoubtedly you need help… Hiring a receptionist or admin is too expensive for you to cover another salary, not to mention you’d still have to check up on their work. They’d be looking at you for guidance. It could leave you with less money in the bank, inefficient billing processes and more problems to fix.

Not a lot of budget to work with, because what happens then you go on holiday? No work, no income. We understand your position.

Legal compliance is the number one problem that we find in solo-practitioner’s practice. Overlooked and ignored, until a medical aid audit is imminent. Flaws in your generic Terms and conditions may make you vulnerable to a malpractice claim.


What if we can offer you the admin support you’ve been dreaming of? Not as expensive as your own receptionist, but you know the money is covered. If you don’t work, your turnover dips, and you pay us less. A Win-win.

Only you can make the decision to help yourself and get the help you so desperately need.
The perks of working for yourself


Don’t let our name fool you

Physio Billing started as a billing company for our founder’s practice. Our company has evolved, and so has our services. The model works, adaptable to your specific needs. Physio Billing is a platform for all outpatient rehab therapists – regardless of specialty, practice setting, or clinic size.


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No matter the setting or size,

we work for you

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Strategic, executable targets that takes your business to the next level