Physio Billing provides professional physiotherapist medical billing services. Our services are available to all physios in South Africa. There are not a lot of billing companies that understand the needs for allied health care practices. We have mastered the skills of coding for physiotherapists. Our experts provide billing services for private and medical aid patients for your physio practice.

Physiotherapist billing system

Are you looking for billing company for your physio practice? Let, us start by saying – billing for physiotherapists are worlds apart from medical practices. Don’t be fooled by medical debt collection bureaus that say its all the same. Its not!

Our billing company specializes in billing services for your private physio practices in South Africa, and everything that comes with the process. We have all the software, registration forms, consent, terms & conditions and much much more.

We have designed the system to suit any type of practice setting, hospital or outpatient practice. If you’re just stating out, see what you need to know how to start a physio practice.

Physiotherapist Billing system & invoices
Physiotherapist billing company & invoices

Physio billing software

Our billing software is uniquely designed to help all the role-players of your physio practice. Online registration for new patients, helping free up the your front desk to spend their time on assisting you. A paperless admission form ensures less billing mistakes & faster claim submission.

“Admin” is a word every physio dreads, but we’ve developed a integrated billing system that makes it fast & easy to use. Bill all your patients in less than 10 minutes, and we’ll take it from there. Business is all about speed & efficiency. A private physiotherapist practice billing software, combined with professional service that does it all for you.

Practice reports empowers you to see what’s happening in your practice. Metrics & functional data must be at the core of running your private practice, so we’ve come up with a dashboard that shows you all the info you need to grow a successful physio business.

Billing services

Our professional medical billing company offers world class services that protects your relationship with your patients while handling the financial discussion. Physiotherapist billing required finesse & a skilled professional to deal with private patients. Sometimes more firm approach is necessary, but you as caregiver & owner should not be troubled by it. We’ll handle it for you.

Medical aid claims are tricky. Some patients even want to know before they come in if your physio treatment is covered. We do a membership verification to make sure your patient is a valid members at a medical aid. Considering 70% of patients opt to pay with medical aid, its vital to understand physiotherapist codes and which medical aid covers each type of treatment. Our billing staff leaves you valuable notes & comments to optimize your billing.

Physiotherapist’s billing requires special skill and understanding how coding structures work in our South African medical industry.

Physio billing bureau & billing company
Madeleen Klopper - Physio billing Founder & Practice accounts

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Physio Billing

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