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We’ll help you make better business decisions to grow your practice.

We’ll teach the best way to deal with the difficult decisions and achieve your goals.

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Practice Management

Prioritize patient care — and optimize business performance with
a unified solution expertly designed for Physiotherapists.

Schedule, bill, and analyze from one platform

Jumping between different systems not only wastes time, it leaves your practice vulnerable to data errors and limits your ability to leverage your data in a meaningful way. Luckily, Physio Billing has products to solve every Physiotherapy business need. From therapy-specific documentation and streamlined billing to connected scheduling. And because all of your information is stored within one platform, you can analyze and use it to drive intelligent clinical and business decision-making.

Physio billing company and billing services
Billing Services for private medical practice

Make data-driven decisions.

Physio Billing is more than a billing service, but the admin support you’ve been dreaming of. Our system is an integrated hub of valuable data—offering you intelligent insight on staff and patient performance, clinical best practices, and financial trends. That way, you can identify what’s working, adjust business strategies and treatment protocols accordingly, and watch your practice grow. Building a sustainable, healthy physio practice is what we offer you.

Put patients at the center of everything.

From billing and completing intake forms to involving patients in their treatment and celebrating progress milestones, therapist can leverage Physio Billing suite of practice management products to deliver better, more personalized patient care experiences. So, say goodbye to hours of “admin”, data-capturing, and uninformed financial decision-making. Physio Billing provides everything you need to achieve an optimal operational workflow without sacrificing the quality of care your Physiotherapists provide.

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Seamlessly connect your practice’s other software systems with us
to reduce errors while increasing efficiency & productivity.

Ensure smooth data transfer among systems

Interoperability is the way of the future — and for good reason. After all, when systems talk to each other, you get a better overview of your practice and your business. And that means better results — in terms of both cost savings and business outcomes.

Make your business run like a well-oiled machine

When your practice’s information exists in disparate systems, you’re bound to waste time toggling between those platforms, double-entering your data, and tracking down the information you want. But when all of your systems connect, you can give all of that time back to your patients. Leaving you to do what you do best.

Billing & Account services

Empower your Physios to better manage billing, and treatment goals.

In this day and age, running a successful Physiotherapy practice requires more than providing exceptional patient care. Today’s therapists also have to worry about creating complete, compliant, defensible documentation as well as ensuring accurate billing for the services they provide. The best way to help them do that? Provide them with an easy-to-use platform that includes every system they need to be successful — all in one place.

Legal Compliance

Ensure your documentation always meets the requirements for ever-
evolving regulatory standards

Why use us

  • Financial Stability & Growth
  • Efficient System that works
  • Fast
  • Easy Turnover Split between Physios & Directors
  • Quick commission Calculation of Locums
  • Better Payroll control
  • No manual updates & software downloads
  • Backup your Practice Database
  • Annual medical aid tariff increases applied automatically
  • Updated changes to physio legislation
Practitioners & Practice reports