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30 July 2022

Fundamentals for physio billing course


R 2 500

Join us on our billing course, where we’ll start at the basics & explain all the things you need to know to bill your patients.

  • Billing basics & rules

  • Billing policy & enforcement

  • How to bill & submit claims

  • Patient cycle (From admission to bank reconciliation)
  • Scheme (medical aid) or private rates
  • Effective & efficient billing practices

  • Checks you need to have in place to pick up problems in your practice

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Madeleen Klopper - Physio billing Founder & Practice accounts

We’ll help you make better business decisions to grow your practice.

We’ll teach the best way to deal with difficult decisions and achieve your goals.

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20 August 2022

Practice Growth


R 4 200

We’ll uncover the mysteries & answer your question on how to scale & grow your private practice.

  • Practice stats & analytics

  • Growth targets for startups

  • Metrics that matter most

  • Trends in patient volumes

  • Are your locums chipping away at your practice?

  • Burnout & how to act before you crash & burn

  • Metrics that’s the heartbeat of your practice’s health

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