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We are the admin staff to your practice that takes care of your patient’s accounts – just like you are caring for their health. Our company specialize in working with Physiotherapists. Specifically the accounts, invoices and collecting payments from medical aids on your behalf.

Our dedicated team of ‘billers’ are here to take the load off your hands. We report back to you regarding patient’s accounts, medical aid claims and much much more. This is an important component of practice wealth & future growth.

Physiotherapist’s billing requires special skill and understanding how coding structures work in our South African medical industry. We’ll put your mind at ease and guide you through each step to setup and optimize your billing strategy.

Physio Billing was born out of desperate need for skilled ‘billers’ to guide physiotherapist what works BEST to sustain and grow a Physio Practice.

Physio Billing & accounts manager

You won’t know if you don’t measure

Stats and analytics is the backbone of an effective practice.

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Jaco Swart - Physio billing Legal & Growth Consultant

Don’t get caught off guard

  • Legal compliance

  • POPI Act

  • Billing policy

  • Consent for treatment

  • Employment contracts

  • COVID policy

Get the advice you need to keep your practice safe

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Physio Billing is the only Bureau in South Africa that ONLY works with Physiotherapists.

Our practice administration uses the most advanced systems, recent policies & procedures that’s currently working for Physios

Our Services

For You

  • Accurate billing for Physiotheraists
  • Hospital Authorizations
  • Check available funds
  • Coding of Diagnostic codes (ICD 10 Codes)
  • Fast feedback
  • Electronic Claims processing system
  • Credit Control

For your Practice

  • Increase turnover
  • Improve Profitability
  • Save time
  • Optimize your cash flow
  • Reduce turnaround time on Accounts
  • Limit Bad Debt
  • Efficient & Effective management advice
  • Capture patient details quickly

Physio Billing is the only choice when deciding on a Accounts management system.

Our team is a group of people that knows everything about Physiotherapist, what and how they do it. Because we understand what you do, we want to help you to become financially healthy and sustain a momentum of growth in your Physio practice.

The complete package, from medical aid billing, sending patient accounts to communicating with your Accountants about detours and monthly turnover reports. And much more…

Doctor & Specialists Business models are worlds apart. Our clients are usually Physiotherapist that get fed up with Medical Bureaus that don’t know what we do. Frustration & uncertainty drives them to us, and we salvage their practice by applying world trends in Private Physiotherapy business.

To guide the Physiotherapy profession to its rightful place in the medical system, while helping Private Physiotherapists reach independence and build a Practice that’s financially healthy.

To have all claims successfully settled within 60 days without harming your relationship with your patients.

Core Values

  • Reliability

  • Commitment

  • Honesty

  • Quality

  • Good work takes time

Entrepreneur & Business analyst, with more than 10 years experience in Private Physiotherapy practice. Successful multi-practice owner, that gets straight to the point.

“Taking care of what’s important.”

More than 7 Years experience in the private medical aid sector, bureau & billing. The heartbeat of the company. A softhearted, yet strong willed manager that handles patient’s accounts. She knows all the do’s & don’t of the billing industry.
The Architect & Legal master, with a Law degree to ensure processes and procedures are followed. It’s our business to understand your business. Tour guide to your Practice’s health & wealth.